Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile has just announced a new anti-cheating system for the game. PUBG Corporation, the company behind the game clarified that this move is part of zero-tolerance towards in-game cheating. This move is likely to ensure a healthy gaming environment for PUBG Mobile players. As part of the announcement, PUBG Corporation also shared more details about its current and future initiatives. Taking a closer look, the company is introducing an upgraded anti-cheat system that will work in real-time.

PUBG Mobile Anti-cheat system details

As part of the upgrade, the game can scan for cheating software or modified game data. The developer maintains an evolving library to cross-reference suspicious software that can results. In addition, it is also adding game observation techniques to stop players from gaining an unfair advantage. As part of this system, the PUBG Mobile security team monitors players that have been flagged. The automated game monitoring and scanning system ensure that it only flags people using additional, external cheating software. This also ensures that the security team only bans legitimate cheaters. The company also clarified that the system can easily help in differentiating cheaters from skilled players or instances resulting from internet lag or packet loss.

Vincent Wang, the General Manager for the Global Publishing department at Tencent Games issued a statement as part of the announcement. Wang added, “We want players to know that we are 100% committed to providing a fair gameplay experience for everyone.” He continued, “We take enormous pride in the game we work on every day, and cheaters cheapen all of our work.”

Wang also stated, “We’re doing everything possible to keep cheaters out of our game as much as possible.” The company clarified that it has dedicated hundreds of people to fight the cheating problem. PUBG Mobile can also enforce bans in real-time in the middle of a match.

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