The PUBG Mobile winter themed celebrations is not over yet and to celebrate the release of the new Vikendi snow map in the game, Tencent Games has come out with a new website for fans to take Vikendi themed selfies. Vikendi has been launched with the season 4 of the game and it is a snow based map that is located in the Adriatic sea region. This is not an update and does not have anything to do with the game itself, and is a separate website.

The website ( can incidentally only be accessed properly from smartphones and not from other devices. The website has been created to fit smartphone displays and the home page shows an example of how people might look after clicking the selfies. There is a page mentioning the rules of the website as well, which turns out to be plain and simple instructions for using the service. The page mentions that, users need to click a clear selfie, and then choose their favorite outfit from the options, adjust the photo.

Image Credit: Tencent Games

Users can even add holiday greetings and send the images to others. PUBG Mobile assures users that their images and text is not saved. There are four outfit options from which users can select on the website.

The service is being called PUBG Mobile New Year Card and is a neat way for players to have some fun. As for the Vikendi map which was introduced in the last update, it is the fourth map available for Classic Mode game play, after Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. The map is 6km by 6km in size, which makes it smaller than Erangel and Miramar but larger than Sanhok. The map features a new Arctic landscape covered in snow.

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