PUBG Mobile Lite 2021 Top 5 Alternatives: Free Survival, Tiny Royale, Fort Survival, Cover Fire and more

PUBG Mobile India has a lot of hurdles to cross before it gets the green light to launch in the country. And even if it does manage to make a comeback, there is no guarantee as to when we will be able to get back PUBG Mobile Lite. So for people with basic smartphones, the wait to get the game back would be a long one. If you are among the crowd and want to play PUBG Mobile Lite or a similar game, you can check out these five alternatives that do not require as many resources as PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Lite: Top 5 alternatives

Free Survival: Fire Battlegrounds

Free Survival: Fire Battlegrounds is a survival-shooter game available exclusively on Android. Just like PUBG Mobile Lite, this has a similar battle royale format, with the exception of it having an offline story mode also. The game requires 148MB of space to install and can easily run on basic Android smartphones.

Unlike PUBG Mobile Lite, this does not let you go online and play with others, instead, in the battle royale mode, you will be shooting off AI bots inside of the game.

Fort survival: Offline Shooting Battle Royale

Fort survival is also an offline battle royale title with AI bots covering the map alongside you. The game is quite colourful and has a bit of a cartoonish feel to it. However, because of such basic graphics and there being a low amount of in-game elements, the game is just 59MB in size.

Cover Fire

Cover Fire is also another offline game where you can explore a range of different modes and missions. The story mode is quite interesting and has a different feel to it. It also has one of the best graphics among the bunch. However, due to that, it will take up 338MB of space on your phone.

Stickman Battle Royale

Only taking up 35MB of space, Stickman Battle Royale is a very fun game to play a quick match or two. This is a game made for entry-level smartphones, which is why we recommend that you do not get your expectations too high in the graphics department. But it is always fun to watch and control stickman fights.

Tiny Royale

For all Snapchat users, you already have an alternative to PUBG Mobile Lite installed inside of your smartphone. Zynga, last year launched its Tiny Royale game on Snapchat’s gaming platform, Snap Games. The matches are much faster compared to other battle royale games and last only for two minutes. The game is a bit animated, but among the best on this list in terms of dynamics and character.

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