The newest version of PUBG is the PUBG Mobile Lite version which launched last week. Tencent Games wants to ensure players with weaker smartphones have a seamless experience. Low-end smartphone devices can run the game without a hitch. It has low RAM requirements and offers an uncompromising gameplay experience.

Built with Unreal Engine 4, this version of PUBG Mobile is compatible with even more devices out there. According to the developers, the game weighs only 400MB. It can run on devices having less than 2GB RAM. Since most smartphone users in India use entry-level smartphones, this game has been made for them. New players joining in are eligible for various rewards, in the form of new gears and vehicles.


The detailed visuals that we are used to seeing on PUBG Mobile has been toned down in the Lite version. This does not hamper the gaming experience at all. Rather this makes the game easier to run on less costly devices. The grass, buildings, weapons, players, all these things have a relatively simpler shape and texture. Players are slightly harder to spot in the grass here because the textures are more choppy.

From a distance players can only be identified as black spots in the grass. This means the use of scopes becomes that much more important. Players hiding in the buildings are slightly harder to spot here as well. But that may be because the shadows are as plain as they can possibly be. The rest of the visual experience seem similar to the main game.


The gameplay of the Lite version is almost the same as that of the main PUBG Mobile game. Shooting and moving in it seems as efficient and smooth as the main game. Though what we did notice is that it is taking more shots than usual to kill off people. This may be due to a poor network, and in that case, easily fixable.

Besides that the button placement and the rest of the HUD seems very similar and even has the same options. Players can lean and shoot and vault over obstacles all the same. The damages of the weapons seem the same as well. The developers claimed that it has a better aim-assist than the main game. But while playing the game, we didn’t feel too much of a difference.


We tried it out on a low end mobile device and the game ran without buckling at all. Smartphones with 2GB RAM and less will be easily able to play the game without any lag whatsoever. The game is extremely light which means that it will not be an issue with smartphones with low internal storage as well. The game could easily maintain 30FPS marker on the low end device. This means that players won’t be facing frame drop issues where they miss shots on enemies.

WATCH: PUBG MOBILE Global Launch Trailer


This is the perfect solution for those that want to play PUBG on a low end smartphone. The experience and the weapons of the game are as close as they can be. The only difference is that the Erangel map here is quite different from the full sized Erangel map. But that has been modified for this game. The action is just as intense as any of the other versions of the game. Players will lose out on few things when playing this game.

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