PUBG Mobile Lite launched a month back, but it was not made available in all countries. And now after a month of being in existence the game was available in several regions of Southeast Asia, South Asia, North Africa, and South America. And according to news, PUBG Mobile Lite will be available in Europe, as well as North and Central America very soon.

This comes after the game got a massive update recently. This new update for the new PUBG Mobile Lite, v0.14.0 that adds some new stuff. The new update which is now up after a downtime on Saturday, can be downloaded. There are some interesting new stuff in this update that includes bombing zone and emotes. It is clear that the developers want to make the game as similar to PUBG Mobile as possible. The new bombing zone is essentially the red zone from the main game. Considering that the PUBG Mobile Lite Map is rather small, the Red Zone would be a rather dangerous phenomenon. Here are the patch notes for the new update.

PUBG Mobile Lite: Patch Notes 0.14.0

1. New WP theme and rewards

2. New outfits added

3. Updated system settings

4. Added customization guide

5. Added emotes

6. Improved UI & update pack size

7. Improved graphics

8. Battle parameters improved

9. Increased accuracy of RPG-7

10. Added bombing zones

The main menu background has been changed as well, and now shows a pickup truck. This could be a hint that a smaller version of Miramar may be coming to the map soon. Built with Unreal Engine 4, this version of PUBG Mobile is compatible with even more devices out there. PUBG Mobile Lite features a smaller map made for 60 players. This will make for faster-paced games that last 10 minutes. The game is only 400MB, and built for devices having less than 2GB RAM claim the developers.

PUBG Mobile Lite previously introduced the Winner Pass, essentially a synonym to the Royale Pass which gamers get to experience in the original version, PUBG Mobile. Like the Royale Pass, this new pass is a seasonal event, which offers gamers a chance to earn more Battle Coins (BC), get a better ranking, and get to play exciting new missions, which are set in the tone of challenges. The one major difference with respect to the original Royale Pass is that this ends at rank WP 30 unlike RP 100 in the former.

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