PUBG Mobile Lite relaunch: Will there be a Battlegrounds Mobile Lite?

PUBG Mobile was banned in India back in September 2020. Since then Krafton Inc has been trying to relaunch the game in India with updated privacy terms, gameplay and more. The most recent attempts is to launch a special fork of the game called Battlegrounds Mobile India while keeping its distance from the global variant of PUBG Mobile.

Will there be a Battlegrounds Mobile Lite?

While Krafton Inc is yet to announce the exact launch date for the game, it has started accepting pre-registrations for it on the Google Play Store. Krafton has also not clarified if it will be launching a Lite version of the game similar to PUBG Mobile Lite, which was also banned alongside PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Lite was a stripped-down version of PUBG Mobile, which could be played on budget devices. It provided gamers with a similar gaming experience as the full game just at a smaller scale. Due to this, the game was extremely popular in the country, and many are hoping for Krafton to have a plan to relaunch a Battleground Mobile India Lite also.

Krafton Inc is yet to reveal any information about if it is working on a Lite version of the game or not. However, players should not be disappointed, as Battlegrounds Mobile India has the same specification requirements as PUBG Mobile Lite.

According to the Google Play description page Battlegrounds Mobile India will require a minimum of 2GB of RAM and a device running Android 5.1.1. These are the exact same device requirements PUBG Mobile Lite required.

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