PUBG Mobile Lite Season 21 Winner Pass end date revealed

Even though PUBG Mobile Lite is banned in India, the game is accessible in multiple other countries. Due to which, the game keeps on getting new updates, seasons, tournaments and more. The game is currently in its 21st Season, which is supposed to come to an end soon. Tencent Games has now announced the end date of its Royale Pass equivalent, Winner Pass for Season 21.

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 21 Winner Pass will end on February 28. After the Winner Pass ends, it will not be accessible to players and they will not be able to collect any rewards during this time.

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 22 Winner Pass is expected to begin between March 1 to March 3. Which is when players will be able to purchase the new Elite Pass for 280 BC and the Elite Plus Pass for 800 BC.

Winner Pass Season 21 rewards

Current Winner Pass rewards include 500 BP, 50 Silver, 2x EXP Card 1-Hour, Precious Snowflake Hat, 2x BP Card 1-Hour, 65 Silver, Mission Card, Precious Snowflake Shoes, 2x EXP Card 1-Hour, Precious Snowflake Bottoms and 120 Silver. All of these rewards are listed in the order of levels they are awarded.

How to claim Winner Pass rewards

To claim your Winner Pass rewards you can follow the given steps:

  • Open PUBG Mobile Lite.
  • Click on the ‘WP’ icon, located on the right edge of the display.
  • This will open the WP area, which will showcase the tasks and let you collect any rewards that you might have won.

How to get a Winner Pass Elite or Elite Plus

If you want to get the upcoming Season 22 Winner Pass, you can do so by heading into the ‘WP’ area from the main screen. There you need to tap on the ‘Upgrade’ option. This will bring up the two paid options of the pass. You can then choose the required pass and pay the respective amount of BC to activate it.

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