It seems like the next PUBG Mobile update will be focused around the Miramar map. In a post on the official PUBG Mobile discord server, it seems like the content of the next season of PUBG Mobile has been revealed. The post was made by a member of the community team. The post also mentions that next update will be going live on May 7.

Miramar is the second map to be added to PUBG and has remained the same since. The map has been updated on the PC version of the game last year. And this new update seems to bring those changes to the PUBG Mobile version of the map as well. The image leaked also shows that the results screen UI will albe be updated. It might feature some statistics about the guns used as well as the most damage caused to different target areas of the body. The Golden Mirado skin which was introduced to PUBG PC a while back is coming to PUBG Mobile as well.

This new update is set to be called ‘Mad Miramar’ and most of its updates are for the Miramar map. The new update will bring the 2.7x scoped Win94 as well to the map. The Canted Sight attachment is also going to be introduced with this update. The Canted Sight helps players attach a scope along with it which means that guns can be used for long and short ranges at the same time.

A new gun, which is the P90 SMG is going to make its way to the Arena Mode. Vending machines are also being added to the game which will drop painkillers and energy drinks. There is also a Cheer Park feature mentioned in the image which is unclear as of now. We ought to get more details about it soon.

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