PUBG Mobile has been teasing the release of Erangel 2.0 for a while now. This is the reworked version of the popular map that has already hit the PC and console versions. The previous teaser about Erangel 2.0 showed more defined grass and better texture for the greenery in general. The reworked Erangel was previously reported ready to release for the Beta version of the game in China. But now a teaser which has been leaked in a video shows new content coming to the game.

The teaser was shown in the Chinese version of the game which is called Game for Peace. But one of the reveals made in the video by Wynnsanity, is the map of the new Erangel, which seems to be different from the previous one. The Erangel 2.0 map shows that land has been divided in three islands. The waterways coming from Georgopol seems to now divide the map. Besides there are some new bridges as well which connect the new landmasses.

Moving on to the teaser that was shown, it features what we can discern as different classes and abilities. The map looks like a part of the new Erangel 2.0, and it comes with a bunch of flags placed here and there. These flags may indicate the different factions or classes. A thing to remember would be that even it PUBG Mobile does introduce classes and abilities to the game like Call of Duty: Mobile, some argue that both games are made by Tencent hence it is not far-fetched.

The video seems to show some of the classes, and one of these classes look like the Ninja class from Call of Duty: Mobile. But the contraption looks very similar to the one we see in the anime Attack on Titans. Besides this there is another character that throws a piece of metal that becomes a shield, which is also something we have seen in Call of Duty: Mobile. There seems to be a healer as well who can revive people with a healing bullet. And the last one seems to be a class that can jump really high.

And the final scene of the video shows a man watching all this action on a screen. This reminds us of the Russian Man from Erangel who was introduced in PUBG when Erangel 2.0 dropped.

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