PlayersUnknown’s Battleground’s aka PUBG Mobile is one of the biggest multiplayer mobile games played globally and competes with the likes of Fornite, Free Fire and Knives Out on the mobile platform.

The popularity of the game is one of the biggest reasons that a lot of cheaters plague the platform but Tencent, PUBG Mobile’s parent company, has managed to clamp down on these bad actors.

In its latest anti-cheating report, Tencent announced that has banned more than 1.2 million hackers on the game for cheating in the past 6 days which is an astounding number.

A breakdown of the report

An in-depth look at the PUBG Mobile report shows that 48 percent of these hackers were banned for using auto-aim hacks or changing their character models. Twenty-two percent of the hackers were banned for using a cheating method that gives them an x-ray vision to see through walls and other barriers.

PUBG Mobile Ban

(Image credit: PUBG Mobile)

Twelve percent of the hackers were caught using speed hacks that gave their avatar advantage over opponents while 7 percent of the hackers were banned for modifying the area damage.

There were ranked hackers

The report on PUBG Mobile also sheds some light on the ranking that each hacker had.

PUBG Mobile Ban

(Image credit: PUBG Mobile)

This is how they have been distributed as per their respective ranking: Bronze: 38 percent, Silver: 11 percent, Gold: 9 percent, Platinum: 11 percent, Diamond: 12 percent, Crown: 10 percent, Ace: 6 percent, and Conqueror: 3 percent.

The fight against hackers

It was last week that the developers released the 1.2 Patch that features a new mode, weapons among other additions. The new mode has been dubbed Runic Power that gives players special in-game abilities to win Chicken Dinner.

PUBG Mobile Season 17 is has been released and offers a new Royale Pass along with new skins and emotes.

There are still dark clouds looming over the game’s possibilities of making a comeback in India. Despite the fact that Tencent’s licence to distribute PUBG Mobile in India has been revoked and the company has been planning an India-specific PUBG Mobile India game, there is no clarity whether the game will be released in India in the coming days.

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