PUBG Mobile recently celebrated their 2nd Anniversary on March 23. Over the last two years the game has witnessed millions of players trying their luck to master the battle royale. While many players might have already mastered the game to a point where they have their strategies in place even before logging into the game, there are some common and silly mistakes which are made by both new and experienced players. While everyone has a different style of gameplay, below are some important tips to help players avoid these mistakes and perform better.

Tips to avoid common mistakes in PUBG Mobile

Camouflage: You get spotted first, you get shot at first- this pretty much sums up the gameplay on any map in PUBG Mobile. While loading up, the right kind of guns and ammo is important, but what’s also critical is to stay low and out of the enemy’s line of sight for as long as you can. So camouflaging could actually be your key to earn that majestic Chicken Dinner! Players must select their outfit according to the kind of map they are choosing. For Erangel and Sanhok it might be green or any dark colour; Miramar would require something brown and faded, while for Vikendi you can go full white.

Always keep an eye on the Safe Zone: Players once jump off the plane tend to get busy with the entire looting process. There are times when you don’t get enough loot and houses are yet to be visited. A pro would always keep a car ready on the ground and keep looking at the map and the time. Once the blue zone comes closer you should call your team members to get in the car and run. A smart player would not want to pick a fight with an opponent while having low health.

Choose a leader: Unclear communications can lead to multiple confusions. And once you’re in the game you want things to be smooth and clear. A squad should only have one marksman who would mark locations on the map for others to follow. Multiple pins on the map can sometimes result in massive confusions and can be a reason for your defeat. Imagine a situation where your squad wants to go to Mylta and the pin is on Mylta Power.

Close the doors when exiting a house: Even professional players lack these basic manners of closing the door. 100 people land on a map and there are chances a clan might have landed in a neighboring town. This may be visible from the place your squad is looting. All it takes is a pro player with an 8X or 6X scope to notice the open doors and before your squad realizes you’re under attack. Lack of basic manners can sometimes compromise your squads’ position.

Reload: Unlike old generation action games PUBG Mobile does not notify users to reload their gun if they are on low Ammo. Another popular mistake players make, is after an action packed fight, they forget to reload their gun. What happens next is they spot an enemy and straight up indulge in a fight only to realize they don’t have bullets in their gun to retaliate. A popular streamer once died because he did not reload.

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