The devs of PUBG Mobile recently announced the Ancient Secret mode along with a plethora of new in-game events and exclusive rewards. One of the exciting things to look out for is the array of themed and trendy outfits that have been added to the game. The Pharaoh Rises event slated to run from August 4 to September 11 will bring players the opportunity to win cool outfits like the Golden Pharaoh X-Suit, Warrior of Ra set, Warrior of Nut set, Underworld Guide set, and the Mummy set.

All you need to know about PUBG Mobile’s Pharaoh Rises Event:

– During the event players can make lucky draws using UC or Silver coins to get their hands on these outfits. Each set will come with its own exclusive Treasure crate.

– Through these Treasure creates, players can obtain outfits, Starforge Stones, Star fragments and Pharaoh coins.

– Lucky draws will also grant Treasure crates at random, however, after 5 lucky draws  players can go ahead and select a Treasure crate of their choice.

– Players need not worry if a set is not drawn as redeeming 1,000 Pharaoh coins for a level 1 Golden Pharaoh X-Suit or exchange the Pharaoh’s memory to obtain the outfit.

– Pharaoh’s memory can also be gifted to friends.

– Other than the Golden Pharaoh X-Suit and the Mummy set, even duplicate items can also be converted into Pharaoh coins.

– The set can be upgraded with Starforge stones and Star fragments.

– A unique feature of the Golden Pharaoh X-Suit is that it is PUBG Mobile’s first outfit that can be upgraded and comes with six levels, each of which unlocks additional benefits

– There are a total of three sets to be found in all 6 levels, including exclusive lobby emotes, entry emotes and spawn island and Kill Announcements special effects

– The Golden Pharaoh X-element can also be shared with teammates

The one outfit that every player will have their eyes on is the Golden Pharaoh X-Suit.  The most exciting aspect about this set is that for the first time ever PUBG Mobile has introduced a feature that allows players to upgrade the set and unlock additional bonuses

Golden Pharaoh X-Suit: 6 levels and rewards:

– Basic Appearance: This is the first and foundational level of the outfit.

– Teammate Interaction: This X-element is exclusive to the lobby and can be temporarily shared with teammates. This requires 3 Starforge Stones or 100 Star Fragments to unlock.

– Advanced Form: This is the second outfit upgrade. This requires 5 Starforge Stones or 160 Star Fragments to unlock.

– Victory Broadcast: The various kill broadcasts will be detailed with the mark of the Pharaoh. This requires 7 Starforge Stones or 230 Star Fragments to unlock.

PUBG Mobile

– Shock and Awe: This spawn island exclusive Entry Emote requires 9 Starforge Stones or 310 Star Fragments to unlock.

PUBG Mobile

– Final Form: The 6th level and final outfit upgrade requires 15 Starforge Stones or 500 Star Fragments to unlock.

In additional to the outfit, this crate includes the following rewards:

– Pharaoh’s Scarab Parachute

– Eternal Protection Emote

– Pharaoh’s Regalia Backpack

– Pharaoh’s Gemstone Grenade

– Immortal Win Emote

– Star Fragments

– Starforge Stone

– Pharaoh’s Gold

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