PUBG Mobile player progress, inventory won’t be available in Battlegrounds Mobile India: Report

After PUBG Mobile was banned in India last September, Krafton Inc has been trying to relaunch the game in the country. Now finally after many tries, the game seems to be ready to relaunch as Battlegrounds Mobile India, with pre-registrations already kicked off on the Google Play Store. The new game fork will remain exclusive to the Indian subcontinent and the company has promised a ton of region-specific exclusive content.

The news of its relaunch has spread like wildfire, thus making a few rumours fly, like people claiming that all Battlegrounds Mobile India players will be allowed to bring over all of their PUBG Mobile inventory to the new fork. However, according to a  report by IGN India citing sources familiar with the matter, states that the chances of this happening are slim.

Krafton Inc has not issued any comment on this matter, which is why we recommend that you take leaks and rumours regarding this with a pinch of salt.

Why porting data over from PUBG Mobile will be difficult?

PUBG Mobile was published by Tencent Games in India, whereas, Battlegrounds Mobile India is being published by Krafton. Due to the publishers being different, it would become extremely difficult for the companies to share the data with each other. Over and above, it seems as if Krafton does not want to keep any ties with Tencent alive inside of Battlegrounds Mobile India, due to the latter’s involvement in getting the game banned.

The company could award long-time PUBG Mobile players with a few in-game perks. However, it might not offer to bring back the whole inventory.

What do we know?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is now live on the Google Play Store for pre-registration. The company is offering four pre-registration rewards to users including the Recon Mask, Recon Outfit, Celebration Expert title and 300 AG.

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