Bugs are a very basic part of video games. And PUBG Mobile which is the most popular mobile game is no exception. But the developers of the game have been very consistent in dealing with the bugs that do appear. And they have been doing so in a timely fashion. The newest bug that has been a headache for players was the PUBG Mobile Ranking Points bug. This bug affected players by decreasing the ranking points even if they won the round.

The devs announced the presence of this bug on their Discord server saying, “There are currently some technical issues with ranking points after playing matches. The development team has been notified and is investigating the issue. More news will be published as soon as we have any. In the meantime, please hang tight in there, relax, enjoy some ice cream, and do not freak out: the issue will be resolved soon enough. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and thank you for your kind understanding and support.”

PUBG Mobile Ranking Points bug was apparently caused by a server-side issue. The devs have now fixed this issue, but there is something that players need to do on their side to fix things. Players will have to play one more match to get their ranks in sync with the servers.

PUBG Mobile v0.13.5 update details

As for the upcoming update, PUBG Mobile developer Tencent Games launched PUBG Mobile v0.13.5 with Royale Pass Season 8 in beta last week. The company has not revealed when the launch of the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 8 will be for the main server. However, as previously reported, details of the changes in new update has surfaced online. One of the biggest additions this time is a new SMG weapon called Bizon. According to reports, Tencent Games is also likely to launch a new Deep Sea UAZ skin. The new season is also bringing new exclusive cosmetic items for those that reach RP 100 rank. Other changes include upcoming new emotes. All these rewards will obviously depend on the tier that a player has purchased in the upgrade section.

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