There are new leaks out there and we now have a glimpse of the upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 13. This new season is apparently themed after toys and is called ‘Toys Playground’. These new details have been leaked by Mr Ghost Gaming on his YouTube channel. All the new items and skins look like they are heavily themed after children’s toys. Even some of the gun skins which seem like they are made out of Legos. This will be a rather colorful new season.

The new costumes and skins for the characters seem heavily inspired from the Power Rangers. This ought to be a call-back for all those childhood memories that people had. There’s a theme for the motorbike as well that looks like a classic yellow and red toy bike. A new AUG and level 3 helmet skin in the Royale Pass as well. The two options for costume rewards for buying the Royale Pass are Lava Superman and Flash Superman. Lava Superman is themed as red while Flash Superman is decked in blue.

Besides this there is a special tribal set as well which has a ram’s skull as the mask for the head. This skin looks like it was inspired from the game Horizon Zero Dawn. This is named Tribal Treasure and it’s not really sure how this will be obtained. This might just be part of a chest which can be bought on the store.

There are various tier rewards for the Season 13 which include a parachute, a mask, an AUG skin and a costume. The devs are bringing a new characters with PUBG Mobile Season 13 as well called Andy. His tagline goes, “I can make this gun talk,” though we are not sure what exactly his specialty would be. There are a lot of new voice chat options coming in as well.

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