Earlier we spoke about the new weapons and vehicles that are expected in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 9. And now in a new video Mr Ghost Gaming has teased new visual content for the upcoming season. From what the video shows, we may see a whole new outfit for the new season 9 which is a grey and blue hoodie, black and blue pants and boots. Besides these two there is a new Season 9 Ace Parachute Skin and a Kar98k one.

We previously reported that the new PUBG Mobile update 0.14.5 that may be hitting the servers soon. From the looks of it, this will be a Vikendi focused update that will bring some special items. The new update might hit the servers on September 12 from the leak. The contents of this update are nothing new and are already available in PUBG PC. But then again, that is the case with almost all the updates that come to the mobile version of the game.

The new PUBG Mobile update 0.14.5 will introduce players to a new weapon, the MP5K Submachine Gun, Canted Sight, Zima and Snowbike vehicle, and possibly a new mode.

PUBG Mobile update 0.14.5: Details


The new weapon MP5K is a sub-machine gun chambered for 9mm ammunition which will be exclusive to Vikendi and will replace the Vector on that map. While the firing mechanics of the MP5K are similar to those of the Vector, it boasts a higher per bullet damage, but with a lower overall firing rate and DPS. This SMG also has a higher magazine capacity than the Vector, starting at 30 rounds by default with 40 rounds in an extended magazine.

Canted Sight

The other addition to the game this time as expected is the Canted Sight, which is a special sight accessory that can be equipped with a secondary scope. Canted Sight can be used with all the weapons that support scopes. This will be a secondary sight to a weapon for close range.


The new Zima, will be replacing the UAZs that was available on Vikendi. It won’t have perfect control on Vikendi’s snowy plains, however the 4×4 Zima is much easier to manoeuver compared to other vehicles. While the Zima is relatively slow, it has high durability making it ideal for combat situations.


The motorcycle on Vikendi map will now be replaced by a new vehicle called Snowbike, and this looks essentially like a motorcycle that has swapped its wheels for snow sleds. This will move faster than the snowmobile does but is more fragile and can be destroyed quite easily.

New survival mode on PUBG Mobile update 0.14.5

There may be a new survival mode coming to the game with the new update where players will have to hunt and build fires to not freeze.

We will bring more details about the upcoming update as soon as we get more.

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