PUBG Corp, the company behind the popular Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile has shared some information about the game. As part of the information, the company is working on a new update to its security system. The company has not shared any timeline or concrete details about this new upgrade. However, as noted previously, the company uses the security system to fight hackers and cheaters in the game. The announcement of this new update comes months after the company issued a major update to its anti-cheat engine. The upcoming update is likely to bring improvements to the current system.

PUBG Mobile new anti-cheat security system update details

According to a tweet posted this morning, PUBG Corp asked its players to submit reports against suspected cheaters and hackers. The company is likely working on an artificial intelligence-based machine learning system to improve the system. It clarified that more reports and associated data will make the system more effective. Machine learning will likely make the system more robust with data, and time. The efforts to improve the security system are in line with the strict no-tolerance policy against hackers and cheaters.

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The announcement also came with a humorous 21-second long video of a cheating PUBG Mobile player. Taking a closer look, the video imitates any regular cheater or hacker who uses a third-party software or more. It showcases the cheating player to get a ban pan. This announcement comes just about a week after the company updated its Ban list of cheaters and hackers.

PUBG Corp has also shared sharing some details about the banned cheaters and hackers since the last two ban lists. Earlier, the ban notice merely worked as a notice for everyone that the company was working behind the scenes. An improved security and anti-cheat system is bound to improve the gameplay experience of the players.

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