PUBG Mobile is the game to play right now, and in a recent story we got to know from a study just how much popular this game has become over the years. PUBG Mobile has become not just a popular casual game but one but on a professional level as well with official international tournaments being held by the developers.

PUBG Mobile gained its popularity because of its simplicity and the seamless designing of the game which made it a very smooth experience for the players. It is also a great platform to connect with friends as well. But there are people who want to take the game as seriously as possible to prepare themselves to attend a tournament. Even if not preparing for a tournament being good at the game and killing all enemies in sight is a good way to earn some respect among friends.

Now, PUBG Mobile has a whole lot of controls that are there in the form of touch buttons on the display. And movement and shooting is not the most efficient all the time like it is on a PC. But pros have come up with a solution to playing the game with more than just two fingers without the help of triggers. It a way of gripping the device called claw grip.

This gripping technique essentially helps people use four fingers on the screen instead of one for playing the game. Though this may seem very difficult in the beginning, once you get used to this method it is very rewarding. As seen in the image above, the two index fingers are curled and used to touch the two top corners of the display, while the two thumbs are used to movement and looking.

As you can see in the settings above, the essential buttons like the shooting, jumping, reload and scoping have been enlarged. The movement controls has been moved to the left and can be accessed with the left thumb while the right thumb remains free to look around. The shooting button has been moved to the top right corner to use with the right index finger and the scoping button has been moved to the top left corner to use with the left index finger. The other buttons have also been moved around so they are easily accessible with the four fingers.

This is the best configuration according to me, while you may be suited to another setup, so don’t hesitate to experiment around and the above image displays how it looks while in a match. Use this tip and practice enough, and you will soon be playing like a pro.

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