PUBG Mobile Titans: The Last Stand teaser reveals interesting details

PUBG Mobile has teased Titans: The Last Stand event that is coming to the popular Battle Royale title on May 25. Krafton, the creator behind PUBG Mobile shared a 20-second teaser trailer that shows Godzilla vs Kong-inspired theme.

PUBG Mobile Titans: The Last Stand teaser reveals epic Godzilla vs Kong combat

Players across the globe (except India) will be able to experience these two titanic monsters combat on the latest PUBG Mobile 1.4 update. The event will “introduce players to a never before seen chapter of the Godzilla vs. Kong story that can only be experienced in-game as part of the Version 1.4 update,” Krafton cited. Notably, the PUBG Mobile Titans: The Last Stand will continue till the end of the PUBG Mobile/Godzilla vs Kong ‘crossover event’ on June 8. While the trailer reveals Godzilla and Kong’s clash, with the mighty monster Mechagodzilla appearing in between to fight them both, Krafton hasn’t cleared the air as to whether players will have any involvement in the ‘kaiju’ battle. As per reports, PUBG Mobile Titans: The Last Stand created is part of PUBG Mobile’s epic collaboration with Legendary Pictures.

Speaking of the PUBG Mobile 1.4 global update, the latest version brings a new arena map, vehicles, new modes, and combat improvements. The APK files of the fresh update are available for download on PUBG’s official website. The patch includes a new vehicle- Coupe RB a two-seat sports car which will be available in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Livik. A new over-the-shoulder shooting mode has been introduced as well which can be toggled in System Settings. A new The Hanger map that will support Team Deathmatch, arena training, and Team Gun Game mode will go live on June 1. As for the new modes, the update will bring Erangel Titan Crystal, Sanhok Titan Crystal, and Livik Titan Crystal.

That said, PUBG Mobile Season 19 Royale Pass was released on May 17. The Traverse Royale Pass came with a host of exclusive themed rewards like Wonderland-AKM, Insect Queen Set, Insect Queen-Mini14, among others. While PUBG Mobile is banned in India, its developer Krafton is prepping for Battlegrounds Mobile India launch in the country. The BR title which has India-specific changes and privacy policy is anticipated to release on June 18. Pre-registration for the game went live on May 18 via Google Play Store.

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