PUBG Corp has just made a major announcement launching a new campaign called “Play As One”. The company behind one of the most popular Battle Royale smartphone games, PUBG Mobile wants to take on coronavirus. For some context, “Play as One” is a social responsibility campaign along with an in-game challenge and community fundraiser. The company wants to raise funds for Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization to fight COVID-19. Direct Relief is working on the COVID-19 global response project to support people in need. Let’s check out the details around “Play as One”, Direct Relief, and how PUBG Mobile players can support the cause.

PUBG Mobile to take on coronavirus with “Play As One”; details

According to the announcement, individual PUBG Mobile players can take part in the in-game challenge to support the #PUBGMPlayAsOne campaign. The company noted that this campaign is part of the “play for good” initiative. PUBG Corp is also encouraging its community members to contribute their efforts to support the fight against the pandemic. It is calling out about 600 million players to team up and play to fight against the pandemic. The company has launched a new in-game, “Running Challenge For Donation” event from July 15 to July 28. Looking closely, PUBG Mobile will add the sprinting distance of the player inside the game to “the server milestone”. PUBG Corp will use this value to make a dollar donation to Direct Relief.

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It is also worth noting that the company has already donated $1 million and the number will keep on increasing as players run more distance in the game. The company will reveal the final donated amount after reaching the “final server-wide milestones”.

Beyond the in-game challenge, PUBG Mobile and Direct Relief have also created a dedicated channel to accept voluntary donations. Interested players can head to the channel here to make donations. The company also noted that this new campaign is in the same line as the #ChickenDinnerAtHome, and #PlayApartTogether movements in the past.

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