Player of PUBG Mobile have long wanted a method to earn UC or Unknown’s Credit in the game so they can buy premium content without having to invest an real world currency. This seems to have been lined up for the next update by Tencent Games which is 0.11.0 which is also set to introduce the zombie mode to the game’s official servers. The next update will apparently add the capability to convert Battle Coins or BC to UC which is a first for the game.

According to Mr Ghost Gaming‘s YouTube channel, the next update will come with a challenge called ‘The Bonus Challenge’ which will reward players with battle coins. Unlike the previous Crew Challenge players will not be able to join the The Bonus Challenge as a crew and will have to play solo to earn the Battle Coins. The Battle Coins that will be earned by the players can be used in the store to buy skins and items. These coins will also let users buy UC packs which in turn can be used to buy items in the shop.

The conversion rate set by the devs is that 1 Battle Point or BP will be equal to one BC and a single kill earns the player 15 BP. players will have to register for the PUBG Bonus Challenge after the new update goes live to participate in the whole event and earn the rewards. The zombie mode is available right now in the beta version of PUBG Mobile and will be hitting the main servers soon.

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