The newest PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0 is now live with the exclusive Livik Map. The new update brings, not just a new map but a new Royale Pass 14 called Spark the Flame. There’s a new arena gameplay map for Team Gun Game called Library. The Livik map brings a new map-exclusive marksman rifle called MK12 and the P90 SMG. There’s a new map exclusive barrel extender item as well which gives longer range to short range weapons.

The next Royale Pass S14 Spark the Flame will be available July 14. This brings the Livik map to the game as well. Users can update the game between July 7 and July 13 to get 2,888 BP, AG ×100, and Nightmare Helmet (3d).

PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0 patch note highlights

The Livik map is added and this Nordic-style map measures 2km × 2km, with 52 players and 15 minute match times, making for a faster and more exciting experience! Livik is still in its BETA stage, and we will continue to adjust and improve it for the best visual and gaming experience.

This map comes with exclusive firearms including P90 SMG, Mk 12 marksman rifle. It also has a new map-exclusive vehicle the Monster Truck. Livik super firearm training mode will be coming soon and will include Experimental Trial Weapon Crates.
Spark the Flame-themed Gameplay will be available on Erangel and Miramar maps in Classic Mode. Players have a chance to enter this mode after selecting these maps. The Ancient Secret mode is coming soon.

The Royale Pass Season 14: Spark the Flame will feature all-new themes, better level rewards, and new multi-form outfits. Brothers in Arms has improvements as well. New features have been added to the Ace badge as well. Clan system classified by clan tags, investing in more growth objectives and rewards. Players can compete on the Achievements Leaderboard at a global level.

Improved the visual appearance of Radio messages and it can be used to share gift messages when sending Space gifts. Radio messages are now available in the Cheer Park. You can check out the full patch notes here.

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