Since the advent of Android as the OS of choice for the majority of smartphone users around the world, smartphone gaming has kind of taken off. The most prominent reason for this is the fact that Android had a market for apps and games which has the largest free section among all the other OS options. Since then we have seen many games and apps become so popular that they become a social phenomenon, like Prisma, Pokemon Go, Temple Run, Angry Birds.

One of the games that has been the biggest talking point this year has been PUBG Mobile, and it has taken over conversations and has even inspired memes and video content off it. PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, was launched as a PC game last year and soon became one of the most popular games in the world. This is the game that incidentally made the battle royale genre popular, and was soon followed by Fortnite. The Xbox version of the game was released in December last year and in March this year the mobile version finally hit the Android and iOS devices. And the latest platform to get PUBG is the PS4 which happened just last week.

A typical PUBG Mobile match involves 100 players to drop in on a map where they will find weapons and equipment which they would have to use to eliminate all the other players in order to be the last person or the last team standing. This involves a lot of variables which makes every match a unique experience.

PUBG Mobile‘s popularity has grown exponentially and it has been frequented by players who range in age and profession. And people have various reasons why they have become invested in the game, which include a genuine interest in playing the game to joining the game to socialize and do it as an activity with friends.

Gaurav Garg who is a software developer by profession says that he finds PUBG Mobile a relaxing experience after a long day of work and is an effective stress buster for a couple of hours each day. He often does not get to meet friends and this seems to be a great platform to connect and do something together.

But having a relaxing time seems to not be the only reason why people are interested in the game, for example Subhajit Mondal who runs his own tele sales company says that he is a regular PUBG PC player and didn’t think much of the mobile version of the game until some of his employees persuaded him to play with them. Once he started playing the mobile version of the game, he ended up playing it much more that the PC version. He reasons that he can start playing a match from his phone whenever he has spare time and does not need to go back home to his high end PC.

These sentiments were echoed by Arindam Haldar who is an executive with a pharmaceutical company says he hardly gets time with his PC these days and has increasingly been frequenting the mobile version of the game.

As much as some people play the game out of interest, some join it because they didn’t want to feel left out. PR professional Archaa Chopra says she was introduced to the game by friends and joined the game initially because she wanted to be able to participate in the conversations among friends who played the game regularly. Her first few games didn’t go too well and she had a difficult time understanding the game. But once she started playing she found that her friends from school and college who she wasn’t in touch with were playing the game and it became a platform for connecting with them. She became more interested in the game over time and has even started playing solo matches to understand the dynamics better when her friends are not there.

Games have been of particular interest to children and PUBG Mobile is no exception. Kunal Arora, who is a student in the 6th standard says that he and his friends take PUBG Mobile very seriously and want to make a professional team playing the game and compete in tournaments. They keep up with all the news about updates that are introduced in the game.

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Though players can log onto PUBG Mobile using their Facebook and Twitter accounts which has a minimum age restriction of 13 years. Tencent Games‘s own account requires under 18-year-olds to have their legal guardian’s permission to join, and as long as they do they can join the game despite their age. But the minimum age to participate in official tournaments is 18, hence minors need to wait until they go professional with it.

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