PUBG Mobile is on a high. It recently topped Fortnite in terms of revenue earned, and it also just completed it first successful international tournament, the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018. PUBG Mobile has now also won the ‘Best Game of 2018’ from Google Play. According to the announcement, unsurprisingly, PUBG Mobile was the “Fan Favorite” game for the year.

And now Google Play’s User’s Choice Best Game of the Year award has also been awarded to PUBG Mobile. This achievement puts out the fact that Google’s reason for choosing PUBG Mobile as its best game on the Google Play Store is justified by the people who play the game. PUBG Mobile was not competing with its biggest competitor, Fortnite, here on this platform since it is not available on the Google Play Store.

Fortnite developers Epic Games chose to put up the game on its own website rather than on Google Play, because we believe it wanted to cut out the fees Google levies on all the transactions that apps and games make on its platform.

But PUBG Mobile has showed that despite being on Google’s Platform it has managed to beat Fortnite in terms of the profit made on the game.

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It may also be the case that being on the Google Play Store has made PUBG Mobile a more visible game and a more viable download option than Fortnite which requires people to download and install a downloader and then install the game.

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