PUBG Mobile wants you to teach you mother to play for this Mother’s Day

With the global coronavirus pandemic grounding everything, Mother’s Day is no exception. While we cannot go about our elaborate plans to celebrate her. We can surely do something to make her feel special. And what does a mother really want more than some quality time with her child. With the abundance of time we have on our hands, Tencent Games feels that teaching our mothers to play PUBG Mobile is a unique and exciting way to spend quality time on Mother’s Day. This will not only help her understand your love for the game but may lead to her enjoying it as much as you do.

While the age-old battle of Mothers vs Gaming is something we have all been accustomed to, as times are changing so are our mom’s. She has all the top qualities required to be a top-notch gamer. She is sharp, observant, patient, competitive and a teamplayer. Now the onus lies on the teaching capabilities the gamers.

Tips and tricks to help mothers understand PUBG Mobile

Conquer the basics: For all newbies, it is important to understand the rules. And also acquaint yourselves with terminology used in the game.

– Let’s start with chicken dinner, PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale game, you are being dropped on a limited playing field with a number of other players and the last player alive wins the ‘chicken dinner’.

– In order to survive and win, you need to collect weapons and gear from various spots on the map, killing other players as you move around.

– In PUBG Mobile, you can move around the map on foot or using cars and motorcycles to bridge long distances.

– Be on the move instead of just camping out in one place, because as the match progresses, the zone where it is safe to breathe contracts. Therefore, you will have to constantly keep an eye on the map to see where the zone shifts.

– Before you start, you can choose whether you want to play alone (Solo), teaming up with another player (Duo) or in a group of four (Squad). The game tallies your efforts for each variant separately.

– As you collect points for each game and your rating progresses, your status will be elevated from “Bronze” to “Silver”, “Gold”, “Platinum”, “Diamond”, “Crown” and finally “Ace” and “Conqueror”. Up to “Crown”, each medal has five tiers that you need to achieve before moving up to the next medal.

– Lastly, points are calculated according to your performance in the game, with an emphasis on survival. You don’t need to be a super killer to progress. You will advance even if you don’t win any matches. Survive long enough, stock up on gear, take care of your health and kill the occasional enemy. And slowly but surely, you will be rising through the ranks.

Make a fierce landing: When you are on the plane, take a look at the map and pick a strategic spot where you want to land and jump. Bigger cities and prime locations like the prison offer a lot of loot. You can gear up fast, but for sure you will have a lot of company.

For a beginner, it is recommended to use a defensive strategy: drop as far away from the hot zones and the plane path as possible. This will help you maneuver during the drop. Parachute into small settlements on the fringes of the map where you could gear up in peace, using the eye tool to see if any opponents dropped in the vicinity. Always be on the lookout.

Gear up: Pick up the first gun you find and do not be picky. It is better to encounter any opponent with a revolver than with your bare hands. Then quickly proceed through houses and sheds to collect automatic weapons, ammunition, scopes, a protective vest, and a helmet. Wear a backpack so you will be able to carry more stuff. Pick up some grenades and a molotov cocktail, those might come in handy in the end game.

Collect all med packs, med kits, bandages, painkillers, and energy drinks. They help you maintain your health and give you energy boosts.

Choose your gun wisely: While the widely popular AKM is a powerful weapon, it’s also an unwieldy beast. As a beginner, a SCAR or fully equipped M416 are beautifully rounded weapons that will have you prepared for any situation.

Another good choice is the UMP equipped with a suppressor/compensator, vertical grip, and a scope, the It is a reliable and precise weapon for close to mid-range combat and it’s 9mm ammunition is available all over the map.

Be on the lookout for danger: Avoid places like Pochinki or the military base and move around carefully, always looking for cover. If you dropped away from beaten paths, you will probably encounter a few bots first. But as the match progresses, the chance of encountering enemy players dramatically increases. Always be on the lookout and do not rush into houses that have been looted, as there might somebody be camping on the top floor.

As a beginner it is also advisable to avoid airdrops. While they might contain powerful weapons or fancy gear, the heat around them is mostly not worth the risk.

Do not freeze when you’re being attacked: Keep moving and zigzagging around to make yourself a hard target. Do not just drop to the ground, snipers may easily make you out from the distance. Keep moving, find cover, all the while trying to figure out where you are being attacked from.

Be a team player: Playing in squads and duos has many advantages. You learn from seasoned players. And when you are knocked out by the enemy your teammates can come to your rescue and revive you.

Additionally, have your teammates back especially when they are knocked out. You can communicate with them via voice or chat. Point your teammates to loot they might want and share your loot with them.

Make friends: When teamed up with random strangers who prove to be great team players, add them as friends. As in any multiplayer, there are some rather toxic people out there trying to ruin the game for everybody.

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