PUBG Mobile is right now creating a lot of hype in the smartphone gaming world with its upcoming updates which is all set to include a Zombie mode. Tencent Games has been teasing the Zombie mode for a while now with blood on the walls and even dead zombies in the Erangel map. And we finally came across leaked information that the zombie mode might be releasing along with the upcoming update which is 0.10.5.

We previously came across screenshots showing zombies, and this follows up from the previously found signs in the game. Tencent Games had announced that it is collaborating with the Resident Evil 2 remake team Capcom. Though the company has not yet shared any more official details about what exactly it is collaborating over, it seems from the signs that there is an upcoming zombie mode. Tencent Games added what appears to be zombies to the game which has been spotted by players who even reported seeing bloodstains on the walls of houses in the Erangel map.

And now the map of the Zombie mode seems to have been leaked. It shows a small patch of grassy land which has some houses on it. It seems like it is a small island, and there is no way to confirm if this really is the map that we will be seeing in the upcoming mode. Players will probably be able to pick their choice of weapons for the zombie mode according to the leaks.

These changes are expected to be launched with the upcoming 0.10.5 update of PUBG Mobile, and were uncovered by two PUBG Mobile YouTubers Game Lovers and Mr. Ghost Gaming, who seem to have made the videos from data mined resources.

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