PUBG New State Lunar New Year Celebration is now live: Here’s how to get all rewards

PUBG New State Lunar New Year Celebration has kicked off and will go on till February 2. To kick off the year of the Tiger, the game is hosting two special battle royale-themed challenge events: Master the Battlegrounds! and Become the Extreme Hunter! The game is also offering daily login rewards.

Master the Battlegrounds!

To get the daily login rewards, you need to log in to the game for at least 4 days during the event period. The rewards include 3 BP Random Boxes (M). To get the second rewards you need to play three rounds of battle royale (BR: Original or BR: Extreme) every day for 4 days, which will get you 4 Royale Chest Tickets.

Become the Extreme Hunter!

The second challenge of the PUBG New State Lunar New Year Celebration is “Become the Extreme Hunter!” Here you have to play at least 12 rounds of BR: Extreme during the event period to be rewarded 3 Frozen Wonderland Crate Tickets. If you manage to win at least one Chicken Dinner in BR: Extreme Mode you will be rewarded 5 Chicken Medals.

Rewards for both events will be distributed on February 10, which is 8 days after they end.

In other news, Krafton Inc has changed the name of PUBG: New State to just New State Mobile. The company claims that this change has been made as the game was developed with a focus on mobile and it wants to reiterate the same. Currently, the name of the game remains on all app stores and in all in-game content. However, the company has changed the name on the game’s official website and on its social media accounts.

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