PUBG New State to get graphics update in Troi map next month, Krafton confirms

PUBG New State’s developer recently shared details of the first major update of the year. The fresh update v0.9.23 brings new weapons, a new BR: Extreme game mode, and tons of changes.

Krafton in its latest tweet has now revealed the upcoming changes that will arrive in the February update. As per the folks at Krafton, graphics update will be made to the Troi map to reduce eye fatigue, and help players locate enemies at a distance easily. “This graphic improvement will be included in our February Update,” Krafton mentioned in its PUBG: New State Dev Team Twitter handle. Extensive details on next month’s update are still sparse right now. But we expect the devs to provide insight in the next week of February.

To recall, this month’s update brought improvement to actions and animations of players in the BR title. A new game mode- BR: Extreme has been added to the roster as well that allows 64 players to be a part of the match, with gamers starting off with a P1911 handgun, a smoke grenade, 300 Drone Credits, and fully charged boost metres. PUBG New State gets a new P90 SMG that spawns in Care Packages on the battlegrounds. The weapon has a standard tier-2 transformative scope and suppressor attached, but cannot be modified with any other attachments. It uses 5.7mm ammo, which can be purchased through the Drone Store. As for weapon enhancements, devs have included new suppressors or flash hiders for the DP-28 rifle and a lightweight stock for the M762 assault rifle in Season 1.

For the rewards, as players progress they will stand the opportunity to earn three Chicken Medals. The medals will be available in the Weekly Challenge, and players will have to complete the missions to grab them. One of the highlights of Season 1 was the addition of the blazing speed EV- Rimac Nevera.

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