Google recently launched PUBG on its game streaming service, Stadia, and now there are complaints from the players that it is filled with bots. The game has been made available for free to the subscribing members of Google Stadia Pro, but free users have to buy the game to play it. For the game itself, PUBG has a large player base on it PC version. And the console version of the game for PS4 and Xbox One X also has quite a lot of players. Stadia players are supposed to have cross-play with console, but they are facing more bots than ever.

Apparently, these bots appear out of nowhere for Stadia players. This is similar to the bots that are there in PUBG Mobile in the lower ranks of the game. This points to the extremely low user base that Stadia has. Players accessing Google Stadia with mouse and keyboard will apparently not get console cross-play. They need to play with a controller to be able to play with others from consoles. But users on Reddit are livid of this introduction of bots that PUBG has recently done on consoles.

The devs have shared a whole blog explaining this decision. The devs write that with the game being on the consoles for a while a certain player base has become rather skilled. Hence matching these people with lower skilled players is unfair. To balance this out bots are being added to the game. But apparently, this blog does not mention how bots appear out of nowhere.

They have shared the mechanics of how bots will work in terms of movement and how they will spawn. The bots will have a the skills to use bullet drop mechanics and even understand proper aiming at players. Hence they can be dodged like you are dodging normal players. They will also have loot and will be killed a lot, hence they will not carry a lot of loot each.

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