PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently added the fourth map to the game which is called Vikendi and is a snow-based map. Since the introduction of the map, there have been serious complaints from players about the unbalanced loot that is available on the map. And now within a matter of a month, PUBG developers Bluehole has issued an update which will be balancing the loot that is available on Vikendi.

The update was mentioned on a tweet from the official Twitter handle of PUBG and had the link to the patch notes of the new update #25 as well. The devs write in the blog post that the map was designed to be different from the other ones and that the idea was to focus the map around the use of SMGs in the game. Some of the biggest complaints about Vikendi was the abundance of SMGs while the spawn rate of ARs was low.

“Vikendi was specifically designed with a focus on SMGs, and maximized their usability. Statistically, the spawn rate of SMGs and SMG attachments were set so they would spawn at a 7:3 ratio to ARs. This was so players could quickly arm up for combat and still allow players with SMGs to fight players with ARs on equal footing by having sufficient attachments and ammunition in early-stage combat,” says the blog.

The devs write that the drop rate of the SMGs are not being decreased, but the drop rate of ARs is being increased slightly by 20 percent while the drop rate of Tommy Gun is being decreased a lot by 52 percent. To fill up this void, PUBG is releasing a new SMG called the Bizon which had leaked beforehand. To compensate for the increased drop of ARs, the drop rate of DMRs is being decreased by 16 percent since DMRs are technically some of the most powerful guns in the game, but the SR spawn rate won’t be affected. There will also be an increased spawn rate of 4X scopes.

Another big part of the complaint from the people was the world spawn of Level 3 Helmets. Level 3 Helmets are the only item in the game that can stop players from dying to a shot from a world spawned SR of which there are only two, the Kar98 and M24. PUBG devs say that they are decreasing the drop rate of Level 3 Helmets by 49 percent and Level 3 Armor by 36 percent to being back some balance and are not eliminating the world spawn of these immediately. But they will be keeping an eye out for how this works out.

Last, but not the least, there were some complaints about the spawn rate of bags as well and to rectify that the spawn rate of bags has been increased by 11 percent and the abundance of SR muzzle items is also being curbed by 40 percent. Though there is a popular demand to balance out the loot in the other maps as well, and by that users want enough loot in every building in the larger maps. But realistically speaking that does not seem like it is going to happen.

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