PUBG snow map Vikendi: Leaked render video shows Cosmodrome, Frozen River, Castle, and other locations

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegroundsfrom PUBG Corp, has been constantly adding new content to keep up with Fortnite so as to keep it relevant and popular. Bluehole had promised a snow-based map in the form of a teaser at the end of its trailer for Xbox at E3 2018. The teaser though didn’t reveal anything at all except the character looking down at its feet while walking on snow. The teaser said that the snow map would be arriving in winter this year and there are rumors abound of the same.

There have been quite a few leaks that have started trickling in, and we previously reported that the name and the first look of this snow based map has been revealed according to a Reddit post by user u/allthenewsisgoodnews’.  The post said that the new map in all probability will be called Dihor Otok. The user had also teased the map, which shows a snowy northern region that is full of mountains and has a lake. The landmass is divided into two by a river that is frozen on the northern side.

Following that, another Reddit user by the name of u/jham1213 said that the new snow map may be called Vikendi, and will probably be released along with the PS4 version of the game on December 7. The post shows a screenshot from the list of bundles, and price of the PS4 release of the game. In the list is a mention of Vikendi Event Pass. Considering Bluehole released the Sanhok Event Pass along with the release of the Sanhok map on PC, the Vikendi Event Pass would have to something similar.

And now there is a fresh leak out there of a video by Reddit user u/allthenewsisgoodnews which shows the locations that will be present in the new map. This includes Cosmodrome which would would essentially be a rocket launching site, full with a rocket, a silo and other buildings around it. The other locations shown are Frozen River, Castle, Cement Factory and Frozen Lake. The map is set to be larger than Sanhok and smaller than Erangel and will have few trees. There will apparently be a new weather as well which will be snow. Check out the video below.

Besides the new map, there is also a new mode in the works which is called ‘Conquest’. It is likely to play like the Domination modes we have seen on Unreal Tournament and Call of Duty games. Players will probably be divided into two teams, and would have to control several points on the map to win. There might also be a new weapon which might be a C4. If these details are true and we go by the Roadmap PUBG promised us, then the snow map could be hitting the experimental servers soon.

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