PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has announced that update 8 is now rolling out for PS4 and Xbox. The update brings a number of new features to the battle royale game. With Update 8, PUBG players get Weapon Mastery, Controller Preset C, auto equipment of attachments, loot balancing, and more. The console version was kept under maintenance till 7AM CEST (or 10.30AM IST) on June 27. The new additions to the console version is now available via live servers of the game.

PUBG update 8 for PS4 and Xbox: All you need to know

The most notable addition is the new Weapon Mastery system, which adds a new progression system to the game. This allows players to upgrade their weapon levels by playing and gaining experience with a particular weapon. PUBG has also clarified that with new progression system and its rewards won’t reset with a new season. The rewards are called charms and medals. PUBG players will be able to achieve 100 levels per weapon as part of this new update.

The update 8 for PS4 and Xbox also brings a new controller preset to the game called Type C. This new preset, according to its developers, is more suited for players accustomed to thumb – index finger – middle finger control. It will also appeal to those who rely heavily on leaning and combat strategies. After the update, PUBG players will be able to auto equip attachments to their weapons. This feature is already present on the mobile version of the game.

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PUBG is also rebalancing Loot for Erangel and Vikendi, which is the second loot rebalance for the two maps. The complete patch notes reveal that there are a number of bug fixes and improvements being introduced to the game. PUBG recently received an update patch on the PC as well. While the game is most popular on mobile, PUBG has been quick to add features found on other popular titles like Apex Legends.

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