PUBG for Xbox and PS4 were launched later than the PC version, and now will be getting the newest map in game, snow map Vikendi, after both the PC and Mobile version of the game. And today the new update will finally be hitting the console servers. The servers will be down from 1.30 PM to 3.30 PM IST for the update and will then come live with the new update.

PlyerUnknown’s Battlegrounds got its fourth map back in December for its PC and mobile versions of the game. PUBG was introduced on Xbox One back in December of 2017 and the PS4 version of the game went live in December of 2018. The devs had posted on the official Twitter handle of PUBG that the console versions will be getting the game on January 22.

The Vikendi map is a new 6×6 snow-themed map, which is essentially an isolated Northern resort island in the shadow of Mount Kreznic. Vikendi is also home to a wide variety of attractions, businesses, and villages. It has a spacecraft launch site called Cosmodrome, and a prehistoric themed Dino Park, besides an ageing Castle as well as a winery. The map will have fresh snow which will leave behind footprints. With the Night Mode and other new updates coming to PC this week, we can expect these to hit the console version soon as well.

The PC version of the game saw the release of the new G36C Assault Rifle which is exclusive to the Vikendi map, and it is expected to release on the console versions as well. The new G36C Assault Rifle will be replacing the ScarL on Vikendi, and will use 5.56mm ammo, and can load 30 bullets on a normal clip, and 40 with an Extended Magazine. G36C has a lower and upper rail for attachments, but cannot attach a stock.

Vikendi comes with its own exclusive vehicle as well which is a Snowmobile, and it seats two players. It performs much better than other vehicles on snow and ice, but is more difficult to drive on other terrain.

The link to PUBG Vikendi Patch notes for Xbox and PS4 can be found on the tweet above.


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