PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is literally the most popular multiplayer game in the world right now and become pop culture right now. PUBG was launched as a battle royale game last year on Steam for PC as an Early Access game. PUBG took off even before the full launch of the game even when it was just an Early Access title. The concept of and online multiplayer battle royale became very popular among players and PUBG soon became one of the most popular multiplayer games on the internet.

Following this, the game was launched on Xbox in December last year and it went official on PC. That popularity of the game peaked early this year and soon after PUBG Mobile was launched, which became an even bigger phenomenon. PUBG Mobile has now become one of the most played games on mobile if not the most played. And like any other popular phenomenon that we see in the recent times, people want to maximize on the popularity of PUBG as well and have come up with merchandise that available on e-commerce platforms and even on street corners.

PUBG merchandise is now available in many forms and these include keychains that have elements from the game like, level 3 helmets, pans and other stuff. There are hoards of tee shirts available as well with taglines from the game or even showcasing the elements from the game.

We’ve had people open up restaurants that are themed after the game with murals and even elements from the game.

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