German footwear maker company Puma has just launched a new pair of gaming shoes for gamers. The company is currently selling this “Active Gaming Footwear” to professional and enthusiast gamers. The company clarified that it is aiming these “Active Gaming Footwear” at console gamers. Talking a look at the details of the gaming footwear, the company has priced these shoes at just $160. This amounts to just Rs 11,380 at the time of writing which is not bad for a well-designed pair of shoes. However, we are not sure if the target audience really requires to invest in a somewhat expensive “accessory”.

Puma gaming shoe details

The product page of the gaming shoes on the Puma website confirms a number of important facts about gaming shoes. As per the details, the gaming sock is the first edition of the “Active Gaming Footwear”. The company has designed this first edition for indoor and -in-arena use. Puma also claims that the shoes offer “seamless comfort”. support, and grip to the players engrossed in gaming. The details also clarify that the “Active Gaming Footwear” feature multiple “active gaming” modes. These modes include “SEEK”, “ATTACK”, “CRUISE”, and “DEFENSE”. Puma has also added details about the difference between all these gaming modes.

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Closely inspecting the differences, the shoes will offer a “medial wrap-up grip in the “SEEK” mode. “ATTACK” mode will provide lateral wrap-up support while “CRUISE” and “DEFENCE” will offer heel wrap-up stability. Moving to the materials used, the company has used TPU skin on gaming shoes.

Even though we know everything about the different modes available, we are not sure the player can switch between them. This product launch comes about a month after Puma launched its Playseat active gaming chair last month. Puma hopes that you will buy the gaming chair along with the gaming shoes and use them together.

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