Qualcomm announces world’s first 10Gbps 5G modem with its Snapdragon X65

Qualcomm has launched its fourth-generation Snapdragon X65 modem, the world’s first 5G modem that offers up to 10Gbps of wireless speed.

The new 5G modem is based on 3GPP Release 16 and is designed on a 4nm manufacturing process. Similar to the third-generation Snapdragon X60, the X65 modem can aggregate data from mmWave sub-6GHz bands simultaneously in order to achieve optimal combination of high speed and low-latency coverage.

For those unaware, mmWave is a set of 5G frequencies designed to deliver ultra-fast speed at short distance.

What does the X65 modem offer

Speaking of the X65 modem, it offers support for all global commericialized mmWave frequencies including the new n259 (41 GHz) band. The new modem uses 1000MHz bandwidth (10 carrier aggregation) to hit its peak 10Gbps capabilities.

Although the modem’s real-download speeds won’t likely be fast as stated, however, Qualcomm promises improved power efficiency with the X65 modem.  The modem also includes PowerSave 2.0 feature which is built upon new power-saving technologies defined in 3GPP Release 16 Connected-Mode Wake-Up Signal.

“We are reaching a significant milestone with the Snapdragon X65 5G Modem-RF System, unleashing connectivity up to 10 Gigabits per second and support for the latest 5G specifications that will play a critical role in enabling new 5G use cases not only for redefined premium smartphone experiences, but also opening a new realm of possibilities for 5G expansion across mobile broadband, compute, XR, industrial IoT, 5G private networks and fixed wireless access,” Cristiano Amon, President and CEO-elect, Qualcomm Incorporated stated in the press release.

X65 focuses on smartphones, tablets and PCs

Notably, Qualcomm has announced a new fourth generation 545 mmWave antenna to accompany the new modem system. The size of the new antenna is similar to that of the previous iteration, but it now comes with higher transmit power, and support for full range of global mmWave frequencies.

The company says that the architecture of the X65 modem is upgradable. The Snapdragon X65 which is designed for smartphone, tablet, PCs is expected to launch in products in early 2021.

Qualcomm has also introduced ‘world’s first’ AI antenna tuning technology which can detect the user’s grip more accurately by 30 percent, allowing it to offer improved connectivity, faster speed, and better coverage, battery longevity.

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