If you look at the current smartphone trends, full-screen edge-to-edge displays are hot commodities today. And now, with the camera being important, OEMs are including 48-megapixel sensors on smartphones, right from the budget to flagship ones. To push things even further, Qualcomm, as a chipmaker, is doing its part to ensure chipsets support high-resolution cameras too.

On one hand, you have the likes of Xiaomi jumping the 48-megapixel bandwagon, whereas Nokia, with its Nokia 9 PureView, has added 5 camera sensors at the back. From the look of it, OEMs are actively experimenting to push the camera boundaries with smartphones. Now, spotted by XDADevelopers, Qualcomm has quietly updated camera specification details for some of its Snapdragon mobile platforms.

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The revised specifications now offer separate details on single and dual camera capabilities. There are also details of things such as hybrid auto-focus, slow-motion video recording limits, and more. One of the interesting things is that select chipsets now support single camera resolution up to 192-megapixels. Well, that surely is a lot more pixels than what we’ve seen today.

The chipsets in question here are the flagship Snapdragon 855 and Snapdragon 845 SoCs, followed by the mid-range Snapdragon 710, Snapdragon 675 and Snapdragon 670 chipsets. But before you get too excited, 192-megapixels is just the theoretical limit for a single camera ISP, and it doesn’t mean we are going to see smartphones rocking such high-res sensors in the near future.

There are other caveats too, for the high res camera sensor, devs will have to lot go features such as multi-frame noise reduction (MFNR) and zero shutter lag (ZSL), to take advantage of the 192-megapixel sensor. Bottom line is, high-rest capture ability is theoretically achieved, not it remains to be seen as to when we actually see smartphones rocking the big sensor.

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