Most of the next-gen mobile CPU companies have debuted their chipets with the exception of Qualcomm. The chip maker’s mobile CPU is set to be announced tomorrow at the Qualcomm Summit in Hawaii. Some premature publishing by a particular portal lead to a reveal of the key specifications of the Snapdragon 855 CPU that will take the crown from the Snapdragon 845 SoC in a few hours. However, popular benchmark AnTuTu has also jumped the gun and revealed official scores comparing all four major chips this year namely the Snapdragon 855, HiSilicon Kirin 980, Exynos 9820, and Snapdragon 845.

The results reveal that Qualcomm’s new chipset dominates all others in pretty much every respect. In this particular case, it is the Galaxy S10+ that is being tested with the SoC on board by the benchmark.

Talking about the total scores, here is the order from highest to lowest –
Snapdragon 855: 343,051
Exynos 9820: 325,076
HiSilicon Kirin 980: 309,425

The total scores suggest that Samsung‘s Exynos 9820 SoC is the second strongest chip on the list followed by the Kirin 980 which manages to capture third place. A previous AnTuTu listing of the Snapdragon 855 was leaked that showed an even more impressive score of 360,000. If you’re wondering, this particular test dished out lower results than the previously leaked one that recorded 360k scores than you’re not alone. However, it seems that this particular Galaxy S10+ isn’t optimized for the chip and hence has a lower score. With such high scores, Qualcomm will probably be the go-to chipset for most flagship CPUs next year. The launch of the 7nm chipset is tomorrow and the Galaxy S10 will be one of the numerous flagship handsets that will boast of the powerful chip next year.

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