Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets will be get new naming system: What to expect

Qualcomm Snapdragon is one of the few chipset series that power most of the Android smartphones in the world. The Snapdragon chipset sub-series consists of budget, mid-range and premium chipsets. Now, Qualcomm is taking a step towards simplifying the naming system by separating the Snapdragon line-up as a standalone entity of chipsets. The popular 3-digit naming system of the chipsets such as the ‘Qualcomm Snapdragon 888’ will not be the same anymore.

The new Snapdragon chipsets that launch after the name-change will be quitting the ‘Qualcomm’ badge. The company will be conducting the Snapdragon Tech Summit on November 30 where the chip manufacturer will be showcasing its next flagship chipset, which was expected to be named Snapdragon 898. However, that may change with the upcoming launch. Qualcomm has also announced that it won’t be using the 5G moniker with new chipsets as all the chipsets that will launch going forward will come with 5G compatibility.

What the new naming system may look like

Snapdragon will be using a single digit number to denote the series of the chipset. For instance, ‘8’ for a flagship-level chipset along with the generation number of the chipset.

Qualcomm is expected to move away from its usual classification of the three digit names. Currently, the digit denotes the category in which the chipset falls, ranging from the Snapdragon 400-series which falls in the entry-level segment, the 600-series and 700-series fall in the mid-range and premium mid-range devices. The 800-series is the flagship series of the company which is found in the premium range smartphones.

Qualcomm has been expanding its chipset series across all segments (entry-level to flagship). The manufacturer is looking to simplify the naming system in order to accommodate the upcoming launches. More details will be revealed during the Snapdragon Tech Summit. The new naming system will bring Snapdragon in line with other chipset manufacturer.

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