Qualcomm to build chipsets for BMW cars for use in self-drive tech

Qualcomm will be providing its chipsets to German automobile manufacturer, BMW for self-drive technology. The chipsets will be used in the company driver assistance and self-driving systems. BMW is expected to use the new chips for its “Neue Klasse” series of cars which will enter the production phase in 2025.

BMW has an existing partnership between Intel’s Mobileye self-driving technology unit which will continue, according to the company.

According to a Reuters report, Qualcomm is in the process of diversifying its business. The company has been known for building chipsets for Android smartphones. Currently, the manufacturer derives a third of its chipset sales from smartphone manufacturers.

Qualcomm also announced its current projects with companies like Meta Platforms Inc (FB.O)on virtual reality hardware and with Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O)on Windows laptops that use Qualcomm chips. The announcement was made before an investor presentation.

The company’s Chief Executive Cristiano Amon claimed that the addressable market for the firm’s technologies is now $700 billion. The figure is seven times higher than the phone chip industry alone. “We’ve never had so many end-market opportunities for Qualcomm as we have today,” Amon said.

Qualcomm also supplies chipsets to other car manufacturers like General Motors. The chipsets are used in parts like the infotainment system, which often controls most of the features of the cars.

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