Qualcomm has unveiled its latest range of new QCS400 chipsets for next-generation smart audio devices, giving more power to smart speakers. The new range of speakers includes QCS403, QCS404, QCS405 and QCS407 chipsets. Additionally, the new chipsets can reportedly stay on standby for up to 25 times longer. It can also take your voice commands even when you are listening to loud music.

In simpler terms, the new Qualcomm CS400 series will offer more enhanced battery life, audio quality and a new level of voice control when compared to the older tech. Qualcomm says that the SoCs are designed for Home Assistants and AV Receivers, with Integrated Compute, Mesh Wi-Fi, BLE Mesh, Voice-User Interface and audio technology. “Utilizing our far-field voice, multi-channel echo cancellation, and high performance, low-power multi-keyword detection algorithms (Qualcomm® Voice Assist), products built on the QCS400 SoCs can capture voice commands even during high-volume audio playback or from further afield,” the company stated.

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Furthermore, do note that the new Qualcomm chipsets will not change the experience of low-tier speakers into a more powerful, but the new single-chip audio device should offer more powerful and louder sound overall. As per the company, the chipsets offer support for 32-channel Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and security features. Notably, there are chips for soundbars as well. The new chips should lead to more powerful on-device Artificial Intelligence.

“For users of smart speakers, the QCS400 SoCs support a more robust voice assistant experience with faster, smarter voice UI, even in noisy environments compared to our previous SoCs– including AI-based local automatic speech recognition, low-power, multi-keyword far-field voice pickup with beam-forming and echo cancellation, and support for cloud-based voice assistants,” Qualcomm said. As of now, it is unknown when we will get to see the latest QCS400 series chipsets in consumer products.

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