There’s potential good news and bad news at the same time for Ubisoft games players as it may soon bring crossplay for Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor titles. According to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, crossplay functionality for its PvP titles is ‘well on the way’. Guillemot, speaking at an earnings call earlier clarified that crossplay is not just being thought of, but already well on its way. According to a report by, he said, “Our goal is to put crossplay on all the PvP games we have, over time. That’s well on the way.”

But he specifically didn’t mention which of the titles from the company will be getting the support. But according to people in the industry, Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor are most likely to get support. This is because these are the most prominent multiplayer titles from the company and the ones that enjoy most support. Ubisoft’s title Brawlhalla already has support for crossplay between some platforms which rules it out.

This is a positive and a concerning move at the same time, considering that this will pool in the player base. Crossplay feature has been in troubled waters with Sony which until very recently didn’t allow it with consoles from other companies. But its days of seclusion is came to an end recently when it announced that it will support crossplay with other consoles.

While this means that the players base for people on all platforms will get better. This also means that console players using controllers may have to face keyboard and mouse using PC players. Most people consider that the user using the controller will be at a disadvantage considering the greater control available for mouse and keyboard users. Fortnite already implemented crossplay with all its platforms and console users are not happy about this.

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