Ubisoft has just revealed the contents of its upcoming Year 5 Season 2 update of Rainbow Six Siege with Operation Steel Wave. This new operation will be the last one to feature two new operators. And according to the roadmap Ubisoft revealed, it is going to release only one operator each season now instead of two.

Operation Steel Wave brings us two new operators who are called Ace and Melusi. The attacker Ace hails from Norway and has trained to be a paramedic. He is a brash character who also happens to be a publicist and is part of Kali’s Nighthaven crew. His gadget is the third major hard breacher that has been introduced in Rainbow Six Siege.

The gadget is called S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher and is a loud device that sticks to a breakable surface and extends its arms to create a rectangular hole. The device then rolls down and does this two more times, creating a massive hole which can be easily traversed. This device also works on reinforced hatches, but it needs two charges since gravity does not help it here. In case of an unreinforced hatch it can destroy it in one charge. Like the other breaching charges, this is rather loud hence defenders will immediately be aware when one is at work. The gadget can be neutralized by any kind of damage, hence Bandit and Kaid’s electricity will also work on these.

Ace will be equipped with an AK-12 Assault Rifle or M1014 Shotgun in terms of primary weapons. In terms of secondary weapons he will be equipped with a P9 handgun. His secondary gadgets include either a breach charge or a smoke grenade. He is a two speed and two armor attacker.

The defender joining Team Rainbow with Operation Steel Wave this season is Melusi who hails from South Africa. She was part of Inkaba Task Force and grew up protecting the animals in the reserves from poachers. Her gadget is the Banshee Sonic Defense which is a gadget that provides information to the team as well as deter attackers.

The Banshee is a stick on gadget which can be attached to walls and floors. When an attacker moves into range of the device, it starts producing a humming noise while slowing the defender down. This effect is gets stronger as the attackers closes in on the device. It acts like a bulletproof camera hence needs to be meleed or destroyed with an explosive.

Melusi will be equipped with the T-5 SMG or Super 90 shotgun as her primaries. Her secondary includes the RG15 handgun with a red dot sight. Her secondary gadgets include either the deployable shield or impact grenades.

Ubisoft is finally introducing a new secondary gadget to the game, which is the Proximity Alarm. This gadget can be thrown to stick on the walls and produces a loud beeping sound when an attacker is in its vicinity. This can easily be destroyed of course. The House Map has finally been reworked and added back. But it is still just limited to the casual playlist. Ubisoft is also introducing unified MMR which will mean your rank will be global and not just on the local server.

The other big change in this update is a slight and much needed Amaru rework. Amaru’s entry with the Garra Hook has been reworked so it is smoother and the barricades only break when Amaru comes in its contact. Amaru can now even grapple up an unreinforced hatch without having to break it first. Ubisoft is also introducing an elite skin for Echo this season called Tenkamusou. Weapon attachment skins are also being introduced, the first three of which are free.

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