Rainbow Six Siege has now officially teased the upcoming two new operators for Operation Void Edge. The two operators name Iana and Oryx are an astronaut and a juggernaut respectively. These are two diametrically opposite characters in terms of their traits. And this seems to become rather clear from the teaser itself. Iana can be seen in outer space controlling what appears to be her hologram on the surface of the moon. While Oryx sprints through the corridors only to smash through a rock wall headfirst.

There’s a new blog out where Operator Castle shares his view of the two new operators. Speaking about Iana he writes, “Iana was an open book – family of engineers, excelled in academia after busting out of the air force for reasons beyond her control. You’ve got to be a pro at keeping a cool head to go into orbit, at least in any kind of technical capacity. She’s stable, sure, and predictable, but that doesn’t mean her tactics are the same. I like what I’ve seen so far, and I look forward to frustrating her attempts to gather intel in future matches.”

He does not seem overtly fond of Oryx and writes, “Oryx was a different story. In that, there isn’t much of one. I know he comes highly recommended by Kaid, that he’s the second-in-command as far as the Fortress goes, and I trust your judgment. Still, those 15 years where he disappeared from local AND international records give me pause. I’ve met him. I like him, or what little he’s been willing to show me of his personality. The problem is, he’s a mystery, and I don’t like mysteries in my line of work. They give me ulcers. But, as a part of the team, I’d much rather he was on my side than someone else’s. And I’m not going to lie – having the chance to observe him more closely in the field will give me the data I need to put my fears to rest.”

He explains what he felt was common about both these operators as, “On the one hand, you’ve got technological smarts that are out of this world (literally) and on the other, a guy who could bench-press a hundred and fifty pounds with just his face. He’s not stupid, and she’s not weak, they’re just… diametrically opposed, both in their life experiences and in how they view the world. The one thing they share is a love of the element of surprise, of catching people off-guard and seeing how they react.”

Both the characters and the Year 5 plan from Ubisoft for Rainbow Six Siege will be revealed tomorrow at the Six Invitational.

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