The Reserve Bank of India, in an unprecedented move, has issued a warning for all the users of online banking services in the country. The warning notes that if you are suggested to download an app named “AnyDesk” through any of the social media platforms or any other channel then do not download the application. The RBI warns that downloading this app could result in your bank account becoming empty within minutes. The warning comes as the app becomes circulated more frequently among media platforms and other channels in the country.

According to media reports, AnyDesk is a software that can take control of your bank account and do transactions on your behalf through a mobile or laptop. The warning also coincides with an alert issued by RBI on February 14, where it alerted banks about potential fraudulent transactions on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). It said that the cautionary notice was issued since it had seen a rising number of fraud using the UPI platform. The central bank, in its notice, informed the commercial lenders that a mobile app named “AnyDesk” was being allegedly used to target the mobile phone of banking customers.

The alert regarding AnyDesk was issued by the cyber security and IT examination cell of the Reserve Bank of India. The warning also added that once the app is downloaded on a mobile device, it seeks permission to access control of the device like other applications. However, when the user grants permission to the device, AnyDesk app allegedly starts to steal confidential data on the phone.

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It does so by generating a 9-digit app code on the user’s device and reportedly calls the users for the code in the name of the bank. Once the code is found, the hacker gains control to user’s device and can initiate transaction. According to Zee Business, the notice issued by RBI is not just limited to mobile payments done using UPI but also applies to other forms of mobile payments. A similar advisory was sent last month.

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