Realme has just announced it is rolling out ColorOS 5.2 update for Reame 1 devices. The company took to its official forums to share this new information. Along with the announcement, the company also added a changelog to make it easier for users to see the new changes coming with this new update. Unlike most companies, the company has also added download links for the OTA update in the forum post for users who can’t wait for the update to hit their devices.

The company added that it released the update after testing it internally for “over a month”. This likely indicates that the update is expected to not come with any hidden bugs. Realme also noted that in spite of the internal testing, the update is being rolled out in a staged manner. This means that the update will be sent out to “a limited number” of users today and then will be rolled out to the rest of the Realme 1 devices. The reason for this is because the company wants to ensure that there are no system breaking hidden bugs in the update.

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In case of any system-breaking bugs, the company can keep an eye on the limited number of users and then pull down the update. This will ensure that not all Realme 1 devices in the market get the faulty update. The company added that in case everything goes fine then the complete rollout of the update will be completed “within the first weeks of January”. The update brings the system build number to CPH1861EX_11.A.27

According to the changelog of the update, the company has made optimizations to the camera software for the Realme 1 devices. This includes improvements in the beauty and vivid mode on the camera. In addition, both these modes can now be used at the same time. Users can also automate the camera to add their watermark to the images shot on the device as soon as they click it. Last but not least, the company has also updated the Android security patch to December 2018 for Realme 1.

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