Realme 2 Pro started receiving ColorOS 6 update based on Android 9 Pie last month. The update was promised at the end of last year, and Realme delivered on that promise. But it seems to have done so with poor implementation. The former sub-brand of Oppo seems to have released ColorOS 6 update for Realme 2 Pro with bugs instead of a bug free release that most users would have expected. The Realme 2 Pro was launched with ColorOS 5.2 based on Android 8.1 Oreo in September last year. The company had promised that all of its devices will be updated to Android Pie, and Realme 2 Pro is among the first to get the new version of ColorOS update.

If you are a Realme 2 Pro user then you won’t be able to download the update right away and the company has also pulled the device from a listing page that details software plans. It does seem like the ColorOS update for Realme 2 Pro is plagued with bugs and a number of users on the Realme community have also reported that they are experiencing issues. The most prominent one being the bootloop issue where the smartphone gets stuck in the bootloop sequence and fails to load the operating system. A number of users have shared screenshots of Realme 2 Pro getting stuck in the screen which shows the Realme logo.

Twitter users going by the handle AjayKaushik1022 and Navjot3333 posted photos of their Realme 2 Pro stuck on the startup screen for hours after getting ColorOS 6 update. Realme has acknowledged the issue and has even offered a temporary solution, which could result in you losing your data. If you have a Realme 2 Pro stuck at the logo then Realme suggests turning Off the device and then booting into recovery mode by pressing the power button and volume down key together for about five seconds.

In this screen, use the volume button to move through choices and power button to make a selection. Once booted into recovery mode, select ‘Wipe data and enter the verification code, which is same as your lock screen password and then choose ‘Format Data’ and click ‘Ok’. Realme says these steps will make the smartphone restart and you can then try to restore your data if you have backed up before.

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