Realme Book Slim with USB-C charging teased for India, USB-A port also confirmed

With Redmi launching its first batch of affordable Windows laptops in India, Realme is now gearing up to present its first laptop series in India. Building on the long-drawn hype, the first model is expected to be called the Realme Book Slim and Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth has teased a couple of features already. In one of his latest tweets, he reveals the various colour options, design, port selection, and display aspect ratio.

The first model will be called the Realme Book Slim and will come in two colours: silver and a matte blue. As the name suggests, the laptop will feature a slim design and Realme will accommodate the port situation accordingly. In a follow-up teaser post, Realme confirmed that there will be a USB-C port for charging and data transfer. Rivals Redmi don’t offer USB-C ports on their new RedmiBook laptops.

Realme Book Slim details teased

The Realme Book Slim will feature two USB-C ports, with one of them confirmed to support charging. However, the other teaser image confirms the presence of at least one USB-A port and a 3.5mm headphone/mic port. There’s no visible HDMI port or an Ethernet port, which means users might have to rely on a dongle.

Another thing that can be derived from the teasers is the build quality. The Realme Book Slim is going to feature a metal chassis and body. This also means that the Realme Book Slim won’t come in cheap. The company could be targeting the premium notebook segment sitting above the Rs 50,000 mark.

What remains to be seen in the choice of processor and other basic specifications. Realme’s Madhav Sheth says that the Realme Book Slim is going to be affordable. Based on that, the company could either be settling for AMD Ryzen chips, or somehow manage a way to sell 11th Gen Intel-based systems at a lower price.

It will also be exciting to see if Realme goes ahead with a touchscreen display instead of a conventional one. The teaser shows a glass display that is likely to have support for touch inputs. With other manufacturers relying on low-space SSDs instead of high-capacity HDDs, Realme could also follow the trend.

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