Realme started as a smartphone maker, and in just one year, the company has seen impressive growth. Now, the company is venturing into other segments too, one of them being mobile accessories. Along with the 64-megapixel camera smartphone, Realme XT, the company also launched wireless headphones and a power bank. Called Realme Buds Wireless, the headphones are Bluetooth 5.0 enabled.

Just like other Realme products, the headphones don’t cost a fortune. I’ve been using these for close to a week now, and the Realme Buds Wireless has been impressive so far. They are simple, comfortable to wear, promise up to 12-hour battery life on a single charge, and are easy to connect. The audio is tuned by well-known music producer Alan Walker. But at Rs 1,799, are they any good? Well, read my review to find out.

Realme Buds Wireless: Design

Just like the Realme Buds 2, the Buds Wireless follow the same design tradition – with Black and Yellow theme. You get a flexible neckband that is black in color. The wires connecting the neckband to the earbuds are yellow in color, and they feel quite rigid too. The Buds Wireless are comfortable to wear, even for long hours, and they are extremely lightweight. They are soo light, that you won’t even feel like they are on your neck.

Along the left neckband, you have an in-line mic for phone calls. You also get three-button control for volume up and down and play/pause. They have a yellow accent, adding a nice touch. There is a small LED light indicator below the buttons and a microUSB port for charging. There is no power on/off button so how does that work? Well, the implementation is pretty clever, like OnePlus wireless headphones. The earbuds have a magnet, separating them turns the earphones on, and attaching them turns them off.

Coming to the earbuds, they are of a perfect size to snugly fit in your ears. You get three ear tips in small, medium and large sizes. The buds itself have soft wingtips to hold them in your ears while making it comfortable to wear even for longer hours. During my testing, I was wearing them and listening to music for over 4 hours and didn’t feel even a slightest of discomfort. I believe that is an important factor to consider.

Realme Buds Wireless: Performance

Before we get into the performance part, I have to talk about a couple of things. The Realme Buds Wireless come with MFP (magnetic fast pair) technology. Simply separate the buds to and they enter the pairing mode. If already paired with a smartphone, you can press and hold the Play / Pause button for 6 seconds and the LED with start flashing, indicating the pairing mode. And connectivity is seamless. My primary audio source was the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, and at times, connected to the MacBook Air. Also, the songs I played were all having a bit rate of 360Kbps on Apple Music and Spotify.

Now, let’s come to the important aspect – performance. I’m not an audiophile, but a bass fan on a personal level. And as a general observation among my friends, I’ve seen people who don’t know much about audio, prefer bass. That’s exactly the market Realme is targeting.

My focus tracks include Rama Re from Kaante, Sleepwalk by The Shires, and bonus track – On My Way by Alan Walker. Starting with Rama Re, quite a few reasons for choosing the song. It starts with footsteps, followed by a helicopter flying in the background and along with a police siren. All these combinations give you a rough idea of the wide sound staging, and with that extra bass boost, it’s a pleasure to hear the song. The vocals are a bit suppressed, but highs and details are pretty sharp.

Moving on to Sleepwalk by The Shires, you can hear good details with soulful music, but that extra crispness in vocals is still missing. And finally, On My Way by Alan Walker sounded a little different. The vocals were still not crisp, but the highs and mids were loud. And the lows sounded just alright.

Finally, talking about battery life, Realme says that the Buds Wireless can go up to 12 hours in a single charge. Even 10 minutes charge can last for up to 100 minutes. Well, full charging takes about two hours using a standard USB charger connected to a laptop. Since initially charging it, I’ve been using the headphones daily for at least an hour. Day one I used it for 4 hours, and the remaining 5 days it’s been 1 hour or so. Even after that, I still have 20 percent battery, which is impressive. 

Verdict: Should you buy the Realme Buds Wireless headphones?

The Realme Buds Wireless headphones come with a lightweight design and are comfortable to wear. With magnetic fast pair and Bluetooth 5.0 features, the headphones offer an amazing battery life. The buds are also sweat-proof with IP64 certification. This means you can wear them while your workout sessions.

Audio quality wise, the opinion may differ from person to person. Sure, the audio is tuned to be bass-heavy and it misses out on vocals. But if you love bass-heavy music, at Rs 1,799, you cannot go wrong with the Realme Buds Wireless.

Talking about competition, you can go for boAt Rockerz 255F, JBL T160BT Bluetooth Headset or Mi Neckband in the same price range.

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