Realme has just shared details about a feature that the smartphone maker is planning to introduce in ColorOS. This new feature essentially brings content recommendations across select system apps across the OS. The company took to its official forums to share information about this upcoming feature. Taking a closer look, it will introduce ads along with an easy kill switch for all the said app recommendations. It is worth noting that Realme has not served advertisements in the past like how Xiaomi does with MIUI. However, the content recommendation system is technically a type of advertisement. It is also interesting that Xiaomi is also working on a similar kill switch to remove advertisements throughout MIUI.

Realme ColorOS changes; details

According to a dedicated post of Realme forums, a Realme community official shared details about the change. The company added that this change is coming to “maintain a healthy and sustainable business model.” Realme added that all of its devices running ColorOS 6 and newer will get updates introducing the content recommendation system. This system will be used to promote apps as well as “commercial links.” Realme also confirmed tow places where these recommendation ads will appear. The first place will be the Phone Manager app and the second will be the Security Check screen.

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Realme also claims that this system will protect user privacy. In addition, this system will also be in compliance with local law and regulation. However, in addition to the ads, Realme has also shared details about how to disable them in an easy manner. We checked but could not find the recommendation system on the Realme X2 and X2 Pro.

Beyond this, let’s talk about disabling the entire content recommendation system across the operating system. As per the announcement. Users simply need to head to the “Content Recommendation” area in the “Additional Settings” inside the “Settings” app. Let’s hope that Xiaomi also introduces something similar in future updates.

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